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Best Streaming Services with Local Channels


Local channels on AT&T TV alter the game for cord-cutters and TV fans. AT&T TV makes local news, weather, and neighborhood events available nationwide without a cable connection. News fans depend on local broadcasters for fast, reliable information, therefore local content integration is vital. AT&T TV lets customers follow local events without losing internet viewing.

AT&T TV’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to peruse its broad local channel roster. The easy-to-use style makes locating local news and programming easy for all ages and technological levels. This accessibility is crucial in an era where streaming services compete on user experience. AT&T TV’s interface is simple but effective, making it easy to find local stations.

Besides local news, AT&T TV offers several local sports channels for sports fans to follow their favorite teams and individuals. Local sports channels on AT&T TV let viewers never miss a moment of high school football games, college basketball competitions, or professional sports leagues. This extensive sports programming makes the streaming service a favorite choice for sports enthusiasts across.

AT&T TV streams local stations in HD, improving the watching experience. The service’s powerful infrastructure minimizes buffering and smooths streaming during peak hours. In live events and news broadcasts, disruptions may severely influence audience attention, therefore dependability is crucial.

Flexibility in device interoperability is another AT&T TV benefit. AT&T TV lets consumers watch local channels on smart TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones, anytime, anywhere. This mobility suits current viewers’ on-the-go streaming habits.

A budget-conscious viewer looking for a high-quality streaming service with local channels may like AT&T TV’s reasonable pricing. The service lets viewers pick a subscription package that fits their demands and budget. AT&T TV’s cost and vast local channel portfolio make it one of the top streaming options.


Philo excels at local channels, which other streaming services ignore. It smoothly adds ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and more. This is revolutionary for cord-cutters who want local news, weather, and their favorite shows. Philo stands apart by prioritizing local programming over national networks.

One of Philo’s biggest benefits is cost. Philo’s affordable streaming subscriptions offer an appealing alternative to expensive subscriptions. From $25 per month, subscribers may access over 60 channels, including popular local ones. This pricing is far lower than cable or satellite subscriptions, making it ideal for budget-conscious users.

Philo offers not just local channels but also a large on-demand library. This large archive of TV series, movies, and documentaries gives consumers many watching alternatives. Every subscription includes unlimited cloud DVR storage to record your favorite shows and never miss a minute. This feature offers ease and flexibility that regular cable companies can’t match.

Philo excels in user experience. Finding your favorite local stations or on-demand material is simple with its straightforward design. The service works with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Users may watch their favorite local shows anywhere with this compatibility.

Regional availability is a problem for cord-cutters wanting to watch local channels. Many platforms lack local channel coverage, denying viewers in particular locations local news and programs. Philo has tried to offer local channels in as many markets as possible. While channel availability may differ by area, the platform’s commitment to expanding is clear.

Philo also evaluates client input and improves its service. Many people like a streaming service that listens to them. Philo’s regular upgrades and improvements have improved streaming and user experience.

Philo lets customers watch on numerous devices at once, which is great for homes with various viewing tastes. No limits on the number of devices per account make it great for families and roommates.

Philo’s local channel focus is a selling feature, but it doesn’t sacrifice entertainment. Popular cable networks including A&E, Discovery, HGTV, and MTV are available. This mix of local and national networks gives users a diverse content choices.


In 2018, Locast, a non-profit company, upset the streaming market by giving free local channels online. The service is offered in certain US areas, but it has swiftly become a game-changer for cord-cutters and TV fans. Locast’s non-profit structure lets it legally rebroadcast local channels, unlike other streaming services.

Locast’s local channels are its main draw. ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX are among the networks available without cable. This eliminates the need for an additional antenna and pricey set-top boxes, saving customers money. Internet access to local channels is convenient, especially in locations with poor signal reception.

The simplicity of Locast has made it popular. Locast users may watch their favorite local stations with a few clicks after signing up for a free account on the website or app. The service works with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming media players. This adaptability lets viewers watch local stations on their preferred platform without trouble.

Locast has streaming-enhancing features. Pausing, rewinding, and recording live TV makes it a potential DVR option. For people who wish to see their favorite shows or events later, live TV recording is helpful. Locast also has an on-screen guide to help people arrange their viewing.

Locast’s main service is free, however, Locast Premium is available. A small monthly charge lets customers view Locast from additional devices, including set-top boxes, without ads. Premium subscribers get Full HD streaming, improving the watching experience.

Another key factor is Locast’s growth plan. The program debuted in a few big cities but has expanded. Locast was in over 30 markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, as of September 2021. More individuals can use Locast and get local channels thanks to this extension.

Despite its attractiveness, Locast has proved controversial. ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX have questioned the organization’s legality. These firms say Locast violates their copyrights and distribution rights. Locast’s future is questionable due to legal fights, thus users must keep informed.

Plex Live TV

Plex Live TV, a branch of Plex Media Server, combines cable and satellite TV with streaming to create a niche. This service lets customers access local channels, cable, and their own media collections for a seamless entertainment experience.

Plex Live TV’s local channel access is a major draw for cord-cutters who miss it. Plex partners with compatible TV tuners to offer live local channels. This allows people to see their favorite news, sports, and local entertainment without cable.

The Plex Live TV channel lineup is remarkable, encompassing news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. This variety lets consumers find stuff they like. Get the latest local news or watch your favorite sports team on Plex Live TV.

Plex Live TV has a TV guide, DVR, and several local stations. The TV guide’s attractive appearance makes browsing upcoming programming and setting recordings easy. The DVR lets customers plan and record their favorite shows so they never miss a minute. Users may keep recorded programs on their media server for easy access.

Versatility goes beyond live TV with Plex Live TV. The service interacts with a user’s media library, allowing them to view their movies, TV series, and music from one place. Plex Live TV is a one-stop entertainment destination since its integration lets users seamlessly switch between live TV and their own content.

Plex Live TV’s accessibility is another draw. It works with smart TVs, streaming boxes, and smartphones. Streaming content across many devices lets customers watch their favorite shows and movies at home or on the move.

Plex Live TV also lets customers share access with family and friends and utilize it on numerous devices. This feature lets everyone customize their entertainment experience, making it appealing to homes with various tastes.

Plex Live TV’s price plan distinguishes it from other streaming providers. Plex offers a free basic version with live TV and local channels, unlike many streaming services. Plex Pass offers sophisticated features like DVR and media library integration for a competitive monthly or yearly subscription. This tiered approach lets customers tailor their experience to their budget and needs.

Frndly TV

Local stations have traditionally provided news, weather, sports, and local programming on cable TV. Demand for local channels has not decreased as more customers use streaming alternatives. Frndly TV filled this need by streaming local networks.

Frndly TV’s advantage is seamless local content delivery. This service offers many local channels, so users may watch local news, community events, and regional sports without cable or regular TV. Cord-cutters who want to quit cable yet keep local content would love this.

The interface of Frndly TV is a highlight. The platform is simple to use, making it suitable for all ages. Clean layout, simple menus, and clear channel and program classification improve user experience. Frndly TV’s simple interface lets viewers easily locate and watch their favorite local stations and shows.

Frndly TV has many subscription plans for different purposes. These plans are appealing since they are cheaper than cable. The service offers affordable local channel access without sacrificing quality. Local news, weather, and community updates are available in HD, improving viewing.

Frndly TV stands out from other streaming services with its family-friendly content and local stations. Family-friendly stations including Hallmark, INSP, and UPtv are on the platform. Local stations and family-friendly programming and movies are available in one spot, making it appealing to families.

Frndly TV works with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. This flexibility lets users enjoy local networks and family-friendly material on their preferred devices.

Frndly TV is ideal for streamers who wish to stay connected to their community. The service’s local channels from throughout the US let customers to keep up with hometown news and events even if they’ve moved away.

Frndly TV’s prompt customer service shows its dedication to client pleasure. Users may ask for help with any concerns, making the experience easy.

Its novel approach to streaming local networks has earned Frndly TV praise, but it faces competition. YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and others provide local networks with on-demand programming. However, Frndly TV’s unique service of local channels and family-friendly programs sets it apart.


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